A male and female summer school student sat infront of a laptop screen suring a law lesson

At A Glance

  • Length of Course: 2 Weeks
  • Tuition: 20 Hours Per Week
  • Age Range: 15 to 17 Years
  • Class Size: Maximum 15 Students
  • Language Level Required: Intermediate and Above
  • Key Skills Developed: Analysis, Debating, Critical Reasoning, Presentations
  • Suitable for Further Study or Career: Law, Politics, Human Resources

Download a summary of the Law course here.

A male and female summer school student sat infront of a laptop screen suring a law lesson

Why Choose Law?

Law is the perfect course for the barristers, solicitors and judges of tomorrow. Our Law course will broaden students’ understanding of key legal concepts, as well as enhancing their ability to use legal argumentation in English. During the course, students will discover how law and lawyers function in different legal fields, and analyse a range of fundamental legal theories through interesting and engaging case studies. Students will have the unique opportunity to experience the English judicial system through our Academic Excursion to a real-life working court room.

Course Objectives

  • To introduce core concepts in the theory and practice of law
  • To develop key skills in public speaking and debating
  • To discover how law and lawyers function in the fields of criminal, familial, tort and contract law, as well as how solicitors, barristers and judges operate within these domains
  • To develop an understanding of how argumentation is best deduced and applied in both theoretical and practical legal case studies
  • To improve all-round confidence in using English communicatively

How You’ll Learn: Time to Shine

Effective presentation skills are a fundamental part of a lawyer’s skills repertoire, so their development is a central focus of our Law Time to Shine programme. During the course, students will put their newfound understanding of Law into practice and work together to develop a case for the defence, or prosecution, in preparation for a mock legal trial. This project will culminate in a full legal trial simulation, including judges, lawyers, barristers, prosecutors and defendants.

What You’ll Take Away

By developing students’ understanding of Law, their confidence in public speaking and their ability to work effectively as part of a team, our Law course is the first step towards a successful future degree in the subject. As well as professional pathways within legal firms, there are many more possibilities open to those with Law degrees, such as work in public and private sectors, finance, education, charity or Public Relations.

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