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Academic Programme Overview

At Cambridge College Summer School students can choose to study one of the following 4 English for Specific Purposes (ESP) academic courses. All college students receive 20 hours of academic tuition per week which is designed to help with their English language proficiency, subject knowledge and help prepare them for higher education

A copy of our Sample Timetable can be found here.

Academic Excursion

During their stay students will spend a full day on an Academic Excursion which forms part of our Academic Programme. They will benefit from an academic workshop which is closely linked to their chosen elective course. The Academic excursion helps students to build on what they have already learnt about their chosen subject.

Previous workshop destinations have included; The British Library, The Royal College of Physicians, The Houses of Parliament, The Royal Courts of Justice, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, The Imperial War Museum, The British Museum and The Science Museum.

Time to Shine

At Cambridge College Summer School we aim to develop transferable skills that will prepare our students for success in their future academic and professional lives. Each student will participate in our Time to Shine programme and, in doing so, will have the opportunity to develop 21st century skills including; research, critical thinking, communication and analytical skills.

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